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Surviving the Big Labor Crunch!

Should hospitality reinvent itself amid huge staff shortages Jean Baptiste Pigeon –...

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The Rise of Mobile Ordering

From trend to necessity! COVID-19 has been a double-edged sword. While it has suspended...

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Can undaunted, splurging guests revive hotels and resorts?

Pent-up desires have created a new breed of guest that is bent on splurging in the...

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Has corona killed your waiter?

Has corona killed your waiter? When the vax shores up our collective immunity, allowing...

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We care about guest experience. Yeah, but really?

Every hotel and resort decision-maker would tell you that the most important thing in...

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RoomOrders at HX New York

RoomOrders is heading to HX New York, the Hotel Experience – catch CEO Eugene B....

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Touchless Hotel Technology

Don’t let COVID-19 be the only reason to introduce your hotel and resort,...

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RoomOrders at HOW hotel conference

Hotels are at the centre of an ecosystem, but there are hungry sharks of disruption...

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Ask our expert advisors

RoomOrders relies on a Board of Advisors with decades of experience in hospitality management for global hotel chains, particularly food and beverage as well as IT. Tune in to their thoughts on current issues and challenges facing hotels and resorts.

Jean Baptiste Pigeon
Longtime IHG leader 

Gergely Molnar
Experiend IHG leader 

Campbell Black
Longtime IHG leader 

Nikolaos Berkakis
Experienced Hapimag leader 

Angelo Vassallo
Experienced Hilton and Accor leader