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3 Tech Trends in Mobile Ordering for Hotels

Will mobile ordering improve guest experience in hotels?


                                         Written exclusively for RoomOrders by Riva Jolene

Mobile ordering has been a mainstay in the digital space for a few years now, especially as more and more businesses are shifting to online retail. This is essentially the process where businesses use an app or third-party system to receive orders from customers. Clients can then choose to pick up their meal or have it delivered to their location. Mobile ordering has also been used by customers to purchase different location-based services.

During the pandemic, more people turned to mobile ordering, as explained by Restaurant Business. It lessens the risk of contracting the virus and is more convenient. The rise in mobile ordering has greatly changed the hospitality industry too. RoomOrders CEO Eugene Jones explained that “Many hotels fear that technology will eliminate true hospitality and warm customer service, but our experience shows that this isn’t necessarily the case.” Instead of disrupting the hospitality industry, mobile ordering has further developed and enhanced its practices. Here are a few trends mobile ordering has improved:



The service industry has become a tech-first sector

In our past article on ‘The Rise of Mobile Ordering’, it was mentioned that over 80% of people use food delivery apps, with 60% of them ordering at least once per week. This has become the norm ever since the pandemic started. Without the technology, the food sector would have taken a nosedive due to lockdown restrictions. This has led hospitality industry operations to adopt a tech-first approach.

Some companies, like McDonald’s and Starbucks, have even invested in creating their own user-friendly software. These applications typically contain a menu or pricelist which customers can use as a reference or to place orders. Some may also serve as a loyalty program membership where users are rewarded with points for every purchase made through the app. Many companies have also added a bot that can immediately answer a client’s questions. Maryville University highlights how instant customer service has become a key part of digital services in the age of social media. By offering instant access to make inquiries, companies that use mobile ordering can get ahead of any complaints or issues. The popularity of mobile ordering applications will continue to push organizations to utilize this software to grow their operations and clientele.


Mobile ordering revolutionized hospitality marketing strategies

Mobile ordering has generated a new way for members of the hospitality industry to market their products and services. While many platforms work with numerous establishments, companies are made to think outside of the box to bring in new customers.

If a product or service is only the lower spectrum in terms of price, companies can use mobile ordering platforms to highlight that it is a good deal. They can also easily reach a wider market using these applications as they are utilized by many people. Aside from this, with just a simple click from their fingers, they can avail of the product or service they want which is where convenience and accessibility factor in. Mobile ordering platforms allow for greater visibility and aid in bringing better brand awareness to the companies using them.


Companies have more data-drive efforts

While businesses could keep track of their audience in the past, mobile ordering has made data collecting easier and more efficient. Instead of having to manually research customer habits and needs, these applications create an electronic database that can then be analyzed by a company’s team.

Mobile ordering platforms like RoomOrders collect specific information from guests. Establishments can use this data for a multitude of things. Investopedia explains that data analytics helps companies study their client’s behaviors and preferences. Companies will be able to know which product or service is more appealing, what kind of people they are servicing, and which overall business practices are working for them. Mobile ordering can give establishments information to predict what customers want from them and how they can improve their operations. The analytics they receive will also be automated, erasing the need to manually look over all the data.

Mobile ordering is changing the way the hospitality industry functions. It is making needed improvements and advances to cater to the current needs of customers. These are just a few of the recent trends they have given as these platforms rise in popularity.

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