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RoomOrders is a menu in the cloud for hotels to simplify in-room dining for guests.

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  • Unique QR Code
  • RO digital menu
  • Cross and Up-sell
  • Order escalation system
  • Social media integration
  • Marketing/advertising assistance
  • Guest rating system
  • Data analytics
  • Quality Assurance
  • Weekly reports
  • Monthly reports
  • 5 - 10% fee on orders made via RoomOrders platform
  • $0.17 per escalation contact

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Why RoomOrders?

Enables hotel guests to order in-room dining service using their own smart-phone, tablet or laptop.

RoomOrders Pricing

  • No initial costs
  • We charge a small commission from each order that goes through our solution

Elimination of Missed Orders

  • Automatic up-selling / cross-selling
  • Reinforcing purchase decision (through pictures, detailed food info, user-generated content)
  • Increased online exposure

Easy to Integrate

  • No special or dedicated hardware required
  • No need to change existing processes
  • No need for extensive staff training

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Map of the World with pins representing markets where RoomOrders is operating or currently negotiating launch: USA, Australia, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Hong Kong Singapore, New Zealand, Bora Bora

Markets where RoomOrders is operating or currently negotiating launch

USA | Australia | Germany | Austria | Croatia | Slovenia | Hong Kong | Singapore | New Zealand | Bora Bora


From Our Clients

  • RoomOrders is Uberising in-room dining for guests, transforming a popular hotel segment that has been neglected for a long, long time. Mario Susak, General Manager Sheraton Zagreb, Croatia
  • RoomOrders helps hotels answer dilemmas between in-house and outsourcing room orders, keeping guest experience at the heart of any decisions. Ed Mroz General Manager Hilton Boston, US.
  • People eat with their eyes, so seeing the menu significantly increases orders. But perhaps more importantly, the value of orders too, as guests experiment with more fancy dishes. Kruno Velican, Master Chef, Hilton Sydney, Australia
  • RoomOrders offered us the solution we were looking for to engage our guests, while providing a more modern, faster and easier way of doing room service. Tihana Bazdar Gasljevic, Head of Marketing , Sheraton Zagreb

From Their Clients

  • Too easy. I stay at Hilton Boston regularly and order on my way from the airport knowing what time my order will be delivered. Andrew
  • I prefer to eat in my room as I usually have a lot to get done before meetings and presentations, RoomOrders makes life so much easier for me. Trishia
  • My order was cold and not enough fennel, the hotel management should be informed. Olsen
  • What a great idea. Impressive app. I’ll be looking for it in hotels I stay at. Evelyn