Bringing hospitality into the Low Touch Economy

The Future is Touchless!


Digital Ecosystems

RoomOrders is a cloud-based menu that brings hospitality into the Low Touch Economy by digitalizing orders and payments of goods and services.

Your customer may be a guest in your hotel, a visitor in your restaurant, or even a family at home in their living room. All they need is a smart phone to order to their doorstep, hotel room or table.

RoomOrders is brand agnostic and completely aligns with your brand style guides. We can design QR codes and NFC tags for you on a wide range of props – from cardboard , to wood or stone.

Print with QR code & NFC chip
Print with QR code & NFC chip
Print with QR code & NFC chip

Digital Hotels

RoomOrders digitalises hotels, saving forests of paper and barrels of ink. Hotel guests can order seamlessly from their own smart phone device, without downloading any apps.

A global leader in digital hotel and resort ecosystems, RoomOrders interconnects hotels with their on-site facilities - like kitchens, restaurants, gift shops, golf courses, camping grounds, rooftops, pool-sides and marinas - as well as surrounding vendors, from restaurants to fresh food markets, pharmacies, beauty and wellness, dry cleaners, casinos and tourist attractions.


Digital Restaurants

RoomOrders brings your restaurant into the Low Touch Economy, allowing you to do away with expensive hard copy menus and reduce your carbon footprint.

As well as contactless ordering, RoomOrders allows frictionless payment. Guests simply scan QR codes or tap NFC tags on tabletops to view colourful digital menus and order with a click of a finger.

Why RoomOrders?

Enables users to order using their own smart-phone, tablet or laptop.

RoomOrders Pricing

  • No initial costs
  • We charge a small commission from each order that goes through our solution

Elimination of Missed Orders

  • Automatic up-selling / cross-selling
  • Reinforcing purchase decision (through pictures, detailed food info, user-generated content)
  • Increased online exposure

Easy to Integrate

  • No special or dedicated hardware required
  • No need to change existing processes
  • No need for extensive staff training

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