Why choose

Key reasons to introduce RoomOrders

The Coronavirus has increased the need for contactless ordering and payment, hurrying digitalisation in the food and beverage industry, while aggressive delivery solutions are already eating into low margins.

Interconnect digitally with your customers now for a fraction of the price of popular delivery services.

Improve guest experience

Guests today are digital natives and love to use their own devices for everything. RoomOrders helps your hotel, restaurant or cafe phase out fixed telephony, inefficient waiters or miscommunication, providing a modern digital experience.

Increase revenues

RoomOrders provides vivid images of food and beverages with automated up-sell and cross-sell functions, increasing average order value by 30-90%. Hospitality providers can also create new revenue streams by interconnecting digitally with surrounding vendors. Digital communities also protect hospitality venues from aggressive delivery services and their predatory rates.

RoomOrders gathers

valuable data and feedback for continual quality improvement

Our product is all about improving guest experience, hotel quality and revenues. It is globally GDPR compliant, providing data that is analysed to produce weekly and monthly reports. Each customer is prompted to rate their experience soon after ordering.

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