enhances In-Room dining process and increases average order value by 30% in FinPoint, Hilton Boston Downtown


The Fin Point has been using RoomOrders service for only 3 months and they processed hundreds of orders with average order value increase by 30%.

The management team at Fin Point/Hilton Boston Downtown was looking for a way to improve the room service process. They wanted to eliminate the possibility of having missed orders, to increase order accuracy, have an option to quickly update their paper-based menu, eliminate dependency on breakfast cards, and to increase sales through different channels like upselling/cross-selling. At the same time, they wanted to provide guests with an option to order food online.

By using RoomOrders service, Fin Point streamlined the ordering process, which is placed as a customer has intended; thus, creating a better guest experience. Fast learning curve accomplishment with RoomOrders; at Fin Point it was seen within 10 business days, mostly spent on internal marketing, preparing professional food photographs. As RoomOrders charges a small fee on each order, Fin Point felt there was no financial risk associated when implementing the service.

Fin Point concluded same guests ordered meals utilizing RoomOrders service multiple times during their stay.  Our tracking system confirmed returning customers to Hilton Boston Faneuil Hall returned also to RoomOrders as their primary food ordering system.

The benefits they experienced are as follows:

  • Increased sales by increasing average order value by 30%
  • Decreased operational costs
  • Improved order accuracy
  • Created a better guest experience

Congratulations to everyone at @RoomOrders team who worked hard to make this happen. 


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